We live in a world in which it is difficult to keep pace with digital developments. Orthopaedic shoe technology likewise, is no stranger to technological progress, so customers too can take advantage of an even better and faster service.

The right measuring tools

We combine technology and craftsmanship. To improve the work of our partners, we have developed the CYScan, a technological innovation which enables orthopaedic footwear specialists to measure accurately without being location-dependent. Orders too, can be placed digitally.

No more casting

CYScan is a quick and easy solution for ordering lasts, supplements and foil shoes. This means no more shipping of (plaster) casts and no more dirty hands. All you need is a tablet: just measure, upload and order. Why not try it out for yourself?


Please contact us if you would you like to learn more about our innovative measuring and ordering solution, or ask for a demo.

Become a partner?

We provide you as our partner convenience and a guaranteed peace of mind by offering a simple and smooth ordering and delivery process for high quality contemporary orthopedic shoes. Custom made from our own Looxz collection or specially designed shoes.

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