What do we do?

CYS specialises in the manufacture of high-quality, modern-looking orthopaedic shoes. With a team of over 600 dedicated professionals, we help our partners – orthopaedic footwear specialists – provide a faster, more efficient service to their end-customers with stylish, modern-looking orthopaedic shoes. Under the name Looxz, we offer a contemporary collection of fashionable , custom-made orthopaedic shoes for women, men and children. We also produce specially designed orthopaedic shoes.

Head office

At our head office in Heythuysen, the Netherlands, we develop our own Looxz collection. But we also work on innovations such as the CYScan, which enables our partners to take quick and accurate foot measurements. Shoes are manufactured at our production facilities in Portugal and the Philippines.


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    We provide you as our partner convenience and a guaranteed peace of mind by offering a simple and smooth ordering and delivery process for high quality contemporary orthopedic shoes. Custom made from our own Looxz collection or specially designed shoes.

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