18 July 2019

From hammer to computer mouse

Johan Steenwyk – Steenwyk Custom Shoes

‘I first encountered CADCAM technology in Canada over twenty years ago. I wanted to replace my orthopaedic technician’s hammer with a computer mouse to make orthopaedic shoes that gave the perfect fit,’ Johan Steenwyk, owner of Steenwyk Custom Shoes, explains. ‘In a virtual world, the saying goes, “measure twice, cut once”: that enables us to work more efficiently.’


‘I have been working with CYS since 2010. As a innovation-driven company, they had successfully implemented CADCAM technology in their manufacturing processes. We started sending digital data to CYS on a trial basis and the pilot shoes that resulted from this fitted perfectly. At this point we decided to have CYS manufacture all of our shoes.

The high-quality, slimmed-down process, its contemporary collection and fast delivery times gave me peace of mind as a orthopaedic footwear specialist: I now know I can put a smile on customers’ faces with stylish, custom-made shoes, designed using a computer mouse instead of a hammer. By outsourcing my hammer to CYS, our daily business has become less labour-intensive, less physical and more efficient, meaning we can focus more on our customers.’

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