18 July 2019

Keep learning together


‘It’s all about working and learning together. That is very important to me,’ explains Henk-Jan Luiten, owner of Luiten Orthopedie in the Netherlands. ‘All decisions are made by our entire team. I love mentoring and motivating young people. But by the same token, the same young people can teach me a lot as well!  For example, our measurements are made  digitally. Our whole team uses the CYScan. In my experience, you can measure very accurately on the iPad. Then, you help the customer choose a design. Some want a more functional design, while others find the aesthetic aspect more important. The Looxz collection perfectly meets that need.’


‘During my visit to the CYS production facility in the Philippines, I saw at first hand how they make orthopaedic shoes. And they are skilled professionals, just like their colleagues at  head office in the Netherlands. For me, it was incredible to see the ways in which production can be outsourced. I saw with my own eyes what was possible, without compromising on quality!’

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