Peace of mind trough reliability

Making orthopaedic shoes is our specialty. Our shoes are hand-crafted with the greatest of care so that every pair that leaves our production unit is not only unique, but has the perfect fit. No matter how complex or the level of functionality required, we have the in-house expertise to bring about the best customised orthopaedic shoe solution.

We can handle the whole production, from shaft design to leather cutting, stitching and fitting the uppers to the soles. As well as production, we can also offer support in the design and manufacture of lasts. The same applies to making orthopaedic inlays and counters built in between the lining and uppers. In short, you can outsource any part of orthopaedic shoe production to us.

Do you want to know more about our production? Watch the video of our production in the Philippines here.

All-round service

We aim to offer an all-inclusive service. We can handle the entire logistics of what you outsource from door to door. We do so entirely in keeping with what we have agreed with you. After all, we want you to concentrate on your own core business, namely, being a healthcare provider to your customers.

Technical support

To provide the right support to you as a orthopaedic footwear specialist, we have put together a technical manual. This contains all the information an orthopaedic shoe technician might need on sole materials, welts, fastenings and guidelines for shoemaking.

Check out our Looxz collection for women, men and kids or read more about our special products below.

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We provide you as our partner convenience and a guaranteed peace of mind by offering a simple and smooth ordering and delivery process for high quality contemporary orthopedic shoes. Custom made from our own Looxz collection or specially designed shoes.

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