The orthopaedic specialist first takes measurements of the customer’s feet with the aid of a 3D scan or by making a cast or plaster cast. This data is then sent digitally or physically to our CADCAM department.



Our CADCAM department designs a last which is based on the blueprint and the measurements. The last is then milled and given a detailed finish.

To obtain the best possible fit for the final shoe, inlays and a test shoe are made. This stage, called the fitting stage is to check for the right fit. Once this has taken place, the customer can also to have a fitting with a leather test shoe or an inner shoe to evaluate the shoe concept.


Assembling the shoe

After the fitting stage, the customer and the specialist together choose the model of shoe that best meets the customer’s needs. The specialist then enters additional details, such as the type of fastening, heel height and outer sole, on the digital order form. All this information is sent to our production department, along with the corrected lasts and inlays.

If necessary, these lasts and inlays are modified after which production can commence. The orthopaedic footwear specialist later receives the shoes as agreed.


Direct delivery

Some orthopaedic footwear specialists opt to have shoes produced directly, thus bypassing the fitting stage. These orders are often submitted together with a 3D scan or through CYScan. Our CADCAM department sends a screenshot of the last design to the specialist and, once approved, these are milled, with or without a digital last modification. The production of the inlays and the orthopaedic shoes then commences and upon completion, these will be sent to the orthopaedic footwear specialist.

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