Bespoke footwear or made-to-measure orthopedic shoes is our specialty. Every single pair of shoes that leaves our factory in the Philippines is unique in itself. No matter how complex or what level of functionality, we have the expertise to construct your individual orthopedic shoe solution.
We can take up the complete production starting with the upper design, followed by the cutting of the leather, the sewing of the upper and finally the construction of the bottom.  Besides the production of the shoes, we can do the last design, last manufacturing, the production of the orthopedic inlays (with different kinds of supports) and the special reinforcements that are built-in between leather and lining. 

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In fact, you can outsource all elements of your orthopedic shoe production needs to us.  Our service goes beyond only producing shoes. We will also take care of the logistic movements from door to door within a very short delivery time of maximum 21 calendar days.

Have a look at our video impression to see our production of orthopedic footwear.

De ideale oplossing

We have published an extensive consumer catalogue in 4 languages to help your customers select a suitable shoe model. This catalogue is also available online on this website in the Store.
Going together with the consumer catalogue is our technical manual, containing all relevant information for the shoe technicians regarding sole materials, welts, closuring, guidelines for the construction of the shoes and other technical data. Our upper leather collection is offered in a unique box and includes more than 200 different leather types and colors. Separate from the upper leathers we created a collection of lining leathers, lining furs and technical sheets to make sure you can create the right product for everybody’s needs.

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We provide you as our partner convenience and a guaranteed peace of mind by offering a simple and smooth ordering and delivery process for high quality contemporary orthopedic shoes. Custom made from our own Looxz collection or specially designed shoes.

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