Nowadays, with increasing numbers of products and services being offered online, life has become so much more simple and convenient. Whenever and wherever you are, things are only a mouse-click away. That applies to our own materials too, which are now available online in the E-bundle!

A whole new world is opening up

Our E-bundle enables you to discover many new opportunities. You can now have access to samples, stay up-to-date on our latest colours and variations, and get details of all corresponding specifications, anywhere, any time.

Filtering, searching and comparing

Are you looking for a specific type of leather? Our E-bundle allows you to filter and search on all different types, making your work so much more simple and efficient.

But what makes the E-bundle even more convenient is that you can compare all the different leathers and then save them to a wish-list. This means you can set your preferred leathers to one side, compare them and then arrive at  the right choice.

Remember, these colours may differ slightly from the colours in your screen settings. Likewise, the colour can also differ slightly between batches/deliveries.

Coming soon!

In 2021 we will be expanding our CYS E-bundle by adding the following components:

  • E-lining – all lining materials
  • E-fabrics – all synthetic fabrics
  • E-OSP-materials – all materials used in supplies

Would you like to know when all this will be available digitally? We suggest keeping a close eye on our website and newsletter!

Are you interested?

Would you like to know more about the E-bundle? Or do you have any questions about this? Please contact Customer Care or your Account Manager.

Take a look!

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