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Our CYScan solutions offer you digital capture methods which can quickly, cleanly and accurately scan the foot, saving time and inconvenience for your clients. Alternatively, you can send us any STL file. Our Cad-Cam department has extensive experience in designing lasts, using the latest software, to help you provide a shoe that fits.  However you can also send plaster casts or your own finished last. Please read carefully in this chapter which extra information and details we might need to design the perfect lasts.

Read on here:Chapter 1 - Order your lasts​​​


When your lasts and inlays are ready, CYS offers you the possibility for a fitting stage. By means of a foil-fitting shoe in combination with inlays you can see if there are any pressure points, which can make you decide to adjust the lasts. The fitting stage can be a convenient option before ordering complete shoes. If you would like to extend the fitting stage with your client, you can also choose to fit the shoes with leather trial shoes with reinforcement provision. We also offer disposable leather test shoes. If you would like to test the special orthpedic concepts and reuse them in the final shoes, you can also order lining shoes as fitting stage.

If you have ordered inlays, we will process them in every type of shoes. In this chapter you will find an overview
of the types of inlays which we offer.

Read on here: Chapter 2 - Inlays and test shoes​​​


This chapter gives you more insight in our manufacturing process of uppers. Uppers can be ordered separately, allowing you to complete the construction of the bottom and mount the shoe, or as part of our complete shoe service. For Uppers alone, we can receive orders via email together with an existing pattern, a picture or select a model from our catalogue, together with the ground pattern or a scan of the designed last. For a complete shoe you can also specify different reinforcements or padding options which specifically meet the needs of your client.

Our production use specific proportion ratios in the design of your upper which are explained in this chapter. If you would like to change these ratios, please specify your requests in your order.

Read on here: Chapter 3 - Uppers​​​


In this chapter we explain our standards and options in construction of the bottom of complete shoes, the inner soles and outer soles. We offer a wide range of different edges, welts, various options for heel types to ensure our shoes meet your needs. We also explain about heel modifications, how to measure heel height and also the rocker configurations. At the end of the chapter you will find all the different colours and types of edges, welts and soles which can be ordered, so our experienced team can carefully and skilfully complete your shoe.

Read on here:Chapter 4 - Bottoms​​​


We offer a range of Special Products to help enhance your clients daily living in addition to their custom orthopedic shoes. These range from wet shoes for additional safety when bathing, for areas where the floor may be wet, or swimming right through to work shoes for additional safety when working or performing more hazardous activities. To complement the complete shoes, we also offer house shoes with some orthopedic adjustments, for safer indoor ambulation. Inner shoes can be ordered, which give the orthopedic support in a comfortable stand-alone device that the client can wear in different shoes. You will also find our range of test uppers which can be used to test the fit in a dynamic setting, allowing them to walk before committing to the complete shoe.

Read on here: ​​Chapter 5 - Specials​​​​​​


The availability of a very diverse range of materials within orthopedic shoe technology, is not unknown to you. The materials we use and the specifications they have, are explained in this chapter. The materials have been selected by our quality managers and subjected to various tests. In this way, the end user only gets the best materials and the technician has an insight into the complete range of welts, edges, soles, plate sole materials and accessories.

Read on here: ​Chapter 6 - Bottom and materials​​​

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